Local Minimum Wage Increases

As of July 1, 2018, the minimum wage for the state of Maryland, District of Columbia, and Mongtomery County, Maryland all increased.  The following increases immediately take effect as of Sunday:

  • The state of Maryland minimum wage is now $10.10 per hour;
  • In Montgomery County, Maryland, the minimum wage is now the highest in the state at $12.00 per hour for businesses with less than 50 employees, and $12.25 per hour for businesses with more than 50 employees;
  • The District of Columbia minimum wage is now $13.25 per hour.

The minimum wage in Prince George’s County, Maryland remains $11.50 per hour.  For more information on Maryland minimum wage, you can visit: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/labor/wages/wagehrfacts.shtmThatcher Law Firm regularly represents both employees and businesses in wage and hour disputes, including minimum wage, overtime, and wage theft issues.  Please feel free to contact us for assistance.