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Assertive Ally For Women In Glass Ceiling Claims

The Washington metro area attorneys at Thatcher Law Firm have proven experience and an impressive track record in representing professional women in job discrimination claims. Over the years, we have seen for ourselves that the glass ceiling represents an invisible but very real barrier to the advancement of women in many fields as evidenced by their employers’ failure to promote them or compensate them fairly. Perhaps because of the high-performance orientation of the professional women we know, our glass ceiling clients are often reluctant to acknowledge the possibility or likelihood that their careers have stalled on the grounds of gender bias. When no other explanation seems to cover your situation, it might be time to get legal advice about your options. Contact Linda Hitt Thatcher in Greenbelt, Maryland, for an honest appraisal of the possibility of sex discrimination as a barrier in your career path.

Aggressively Standing Up For Your Rights

The employment lawyers of Thatcher Law Firm represent women in Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., in glass ceiling claims involving failure to receive promotions or proper compensation in such professions, industries and employment sectors as the following:

  • Professional practice groups, including law firms, real estate offices and physicians’ groups
  • Universities and colleges
  • Banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions
  • Professional sports clubs and college athletic departments
  • Federal, state and local government bodies and agencies
  • Retailers, distributors and wholesalers
  • High-tech and information technology employers

At Thatcher Law Firm, we carefully limit our caseload in order to provide our clients with highly personalized, responsive and committed representation from the very beginning of our involvement in your case. We work closely with our clients throughout the progress of the case, from our initial investigation to the eventual settlement or trial. Because of the importance of the decisions that you will have to make from time to time – whether to file suit, reject a settlement offer, negotiate a severance package or present your case at trial – we make sure that you are fully informed of all of the risks and opportunities that might arise with your case.

Another advantage of our limited caseload is that it allows us to move quickly on the basis of the litigation or settlement opportunities that can develop suddenly in any lawsuit. Our ability to manage the timing of demands, motions, settlement conferences or trial schedules is based on your convenience and the tactical opportunities that we can spot and develop in your case.

Contact Our Lawyers To Discuss Your Glass Ceiling Case

To learn more about the ability of an experienced and aggressive employment lawyer to resolve your glass ceiling claim on favorable terms, contact Thatcher Law Firm in Greenbelt for a candid and confidential analysis of your circumstances. Call us now at 301-850-1246. We serve clients in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.