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Resolving Disputes Through Employment Mediation

Lawsuits often involve protracted litigation, are complex and expensive. Resolving employment disputes before they grow into costly litigation can often be the best solution. At Thatcher Zavaro & Mani, our managing member, Linda Hitt Thatcher, is a certified civil mediator, and with more than 30 years of experience in the employment law arena.  She and her team of attorneys have the experience and perspective necessary to determine practical and cost-effective solutions to employment disputes.

Consistently named as one of the Washington Metropolitan Area’s best attorneys by Washingtonian magazine, Linda is an ideal choice for employment mediation. Partners Wayne Wiseman, Vijay Mani, and Aron Zavaro, also provide highly effective mediation services for all employment issues. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows businesses and individuals to resolve disputes without the need for litigation. Mediation and arbitration are often utilized in employment law cases. ADR can save time and money for all parties by avoiding a lengthy, expensive trial. Parties may take workplace disputes to mediation or arbitration as a condition of an employment contract. Employment cases that proceed to U.S. District Court may also eventually be resolved through mediation if the parties wish to avoid the expense of federal litigation.

At Thatcher Zavaro & Mani, we have the mediation expertise to advance your interests in any alternative dispute resolution forum.

Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

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