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Understanding Noncompete Agreements

Employers often seek to limit your ability to pursue future opportunities after you leave their employment. This is typically done through a covenant not to compete. However, the law favors free competition and many covenants not to compete are not legally enforceable. Before entering into a covenant not to compete, it is important to understand the legal ramifications of what you are doing and whether you will later be able to defeat this covenant not to compete. Similarly, if you have already signed a covenant not to compete but are now seeking to grow your career with a new employer or open up a business of your own, you may be able to void or negotiate your way out of a covenant not to compete.

Too many employees sign these types of agreements without realizing that they are waiving critical rights. A small investment in legal advice before entering into a covenant not to compete or taking steps that could trigger enforcement of a covenant not to compete is a wise use of resources that could later prevent significant legal problems.

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