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Thatcher Mediation Group Philosophy And Process

Linda Thatcher’s “direct, dynamic and effective” approach maximizes results. Ms. Thatcher emphasizes:

  • Direct answers: The focus is on listening to you, quickly defining the issues and eliminating obstacles to communication. Understandably, reliving the facts underlying a lawsuit can be emotional for all parties, but Ms. Thatcher will bring the focus back to the issues that are capable of resolution and move the parties past irreconcilable accusations.
  • Dynamic results: Named as one of the Washington metropolitan areas “Top Lawyers” by Washingtonian Magazine consistently since 2007, Ms. Thatcher brings the experience of a successful veteran litigator to every case she mediates. She does not pull punches, and she will not hesitate to confidentially tell each side the unvarnished truth about the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. Having successfully achieved seven-figure settlements for plaintiffs in employment lawsuits, while also getting discrimination suits dismissed and thrown out at summary judgment for Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Thatcher understands both the perspective of the plaintiff and the defendant. This allows her to zero in on where the possibility for settlement lies.
  • Effective solutions: If the parties need more time to resolve their differences after the conclusion of the mediation session, Ms. Thatcher will continue to act as a mediator through continued communications with the parties by phone or email and in person again if necessary.

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to the litigation process if the parties can reach a settlement without needless delay. Ms. Thatcher is unafraid to tell clients and attorneys the hard truths they need to know to facilitate a settlement. Her direct style eliminates hours of unproductive back and forth, saving clients time and money.

Ms. Thatcher’s years of experience in employment law on both the employer and employee side enable her to develop creative solutions that work for your particular needs.

Professional Coaching And Training

Preventing harassment lawsuits through coaching and training is among the most important tasks for an organization. The costs and headaches of a lawsuit can often be avoided if employees are given effective anti-harassment coaching and training. Linda Thatcher has been providing businesses with anti-harassment training and coaching for decades. She has provided coaching to business executives, law firm partners, and general employees who have been accused of harassment, and she has trained employees so that they can learn what is appropriate and inappropriate in the workplace. As an experienced litigator having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in harassment suits, Ms. Thatcher knows the most effective steps to take to prevent lawsuits by giving employees the tools they need to identify if their own behavior is appropriate or not and to avoid harassing behavior. A small investment in workplace training can yield large savings through lawsuit avoidance.

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