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An employment lawsuit presents an obstacle to a business trying to make prudent personnel decisions in this challenging economic climate. First and foremost, we help our business clients implement procedures and take preventive steps to successfully avoid litigation. Our firm is well-versed in employment litigation defense, and we ensure our clients take the necessary actions to protect against future liability.

If a former employee refuses to accept the reality of their termination, Thatcher Zavaro & Mani is prepared to help you effectively navigate the EEOC process and the court system. We represent businesses of all sizes, including multiple entities with more than 15,000 employees. Additionally, because our lawyers have represented plaintiffs and defendants, we understand the tactics and strategies of plaintiffs’ counsel. Our firm is, therefore, better equipped to anticipate and defend against their maneuvers than law firms that are exclusively dedicated to defense work.

Experienced Employment Defense Litigation

Our firm’s founding and managing partner, Linda Hitt Thatcher, an entrepreneur in her own right, has authored many winning summary judgment motions that resulted in lawsuits against her clients being thrown out of court, thereby saving her clients the expense and aggravation of trial. Thatcher Zavaro & Mani attorneys have authored countless successful Motions for Summary Judgment and Motions to Dismiss in state and federal courts throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. However, when trials are necessary, our firm has the decades of experience and, and we have succeeded in winning high-profile cases in court.

When advocating for our clients, we never lose sight of cost-containment. We regularly meet with businesses to find innovative strategies to ensure predictability and reasonableness in legal fees. Accordingly, we litigate vigorously and are committed to forming lasting partnerships with general counsels, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Our experience pays. If an issue arises in the workplace, we have likely managed the same issue on multiple occasions for clients. Most of our time is spent advising clients on how to best handle difficult situations in the workplace before they escalate and turn into serious, expensive problems.  We also provide employment law training for management and staff and develop recommended policies and procedures for personnel in an effort to prevent legal issues from arising.

Our firm provides representation in federal and state courts and in grievances and arbitrations before administrative agencies and other forums. We also represent management in the negotiation of labor contracts and employment agreements for executive personnel.

Professional Coaching and Training

Preventing harassment lawsuits through coaching and training is among the most important tasks for an employer. The cost and headache of a lawsuit can often be avoided if employees and employers are given effective anti-harassment coaching and training. Thatcher Zavaro & Mani has provided businesses with anti-harassment training and coaching for decades.  We also provide coaching to business executives, law firm partners, and general employees who have been accused of harassment.

As an experienced litigation team having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in harassment suits, Thatcher Zavaro & Mani knows the most effective steps to prevent lawsuits by giving employees the tools they need to identify if their own behavior is appropriate or not and to avoid harassing behavior. A small investment in workplace training can yield large savings through lawsuit avoidance.

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