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Providing Legal Insight For Employee Handbooks

Protecting yourself from employment liability requires prudent and up-to-date employment policies. The best way to ensure that your policies will protect you from liability under the constantly evolving web of employment laws and regulations is to develop and regularly update your business’s employee handbook. At Thatcher Law Firm, our team of metropolitan Washington, D.C., employment defense attorneys has drafted many employee handbooks and is constantly monitoring changes in employment law that require updates to policies. Led by managing member Linda Hitt Thatcher, who has been consistently named one of the top attorneys in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area by Washingtonian magazine, our attorneys will design a specialized employee handbook tailored to the needs of your industry and designed to shield you from legal liability arising from employment disputes.

Trusted Representation Tailored To Your Needs As An Employer

The Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., employee handbook lawyers at Thatcher Law Firm will ensure that your handbook covers state and federal employment laws as well as company policies and the company’s grievance or complaint procedures. If a business can prove that it has well-documented policies in place, its position will be stronger should an employee file a complaint or suit.

Company privacy policies and employee use of computers, the internet and email are also critical topics. It is more important than ever for your employee handbook to address policies regarding social media such as blogs and social networking websites. We will discuss these issues with you and advise you on appropriate policies.

Maryland, Virginia And Washington, D.C., Employment Lawyers

Thatcher Law Firm considers employment law and company policies from the perspective of employer defense and employee plaintiff law. You can rely on our knowledge and experience as we provide counsel for your business. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with our attorneys by calling 301-850-1246.