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Defending Whistleblowers from Retaliatory Termination

Employers must be very careful with how they treat employees who make good-faith complaints of discrimination or the terms or conditions of their employment. Adverse action against such employees may result in a retaliation claim. If you have any question about your right of recourse against an employer who terminated your employment for unlawful reasons, or if you’re an employer who wants to avoid the possibility of a retaliation claim, contact Thatcher Zavaro & Mani in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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Our lawyers know how to spot the signs of retaliation in a wide variety of situations. Situations that commonly come up in retaliatory termination cases include the following:

  • Reporting illegal government contracting practices —“whistleblower” cases
  • Cooperating with an investigation by investigators, licensing authorities, or law enforcement agents
  • Refusing to unlawfully falsify records, invoices, receipts or other documents
  • Supporting/corroborating a co-worker’s complaint of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Taking protected leave: family leave, pregnancy leave, maternity leave, disability leave or workers’ compensation
  • Requesting disability accommodations

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