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At Thatcher Law Firm, our employment law attorneys represent victims of sexual harassment at major corporations, small business employers and in the public sector. If you feel that you have been subjected to sexual harassment in violation of your rights under state or federal law, contact one of our lawyers in Greenbelt. We serve employees throughout Maryland, northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Extensive Knowledge Of Sexual Harassment Laws

The law recognizes two general forms of sexual harassment: hostile workplace and quid pro quo.

  • Hostile workplace sexual harassment requires an employee to prove that she – or he, in some cases, especially those involving harassment on the basis of sexual orientation – was repeatedly exposed to sexually offensive comments, email, practical jokes, explicit photographs or other graphic displays, or other material that a reasonable person would find to be sufficiently obnoxious as to result in a sexually hostile work environment.
  • The plaintiff must also show that he or she was actually damaged by the sexually offensive conduct, no matter how a so-called reasonable person would regard it or respond to it.

In most sexual harassment cases alleging a hostile workplace, it will also be necessary for the plaintiff to report the offensive conduct to a manager or supervisor. If you are concerned about retaliation for filing a sexual harassment complaint or need advice about the best way to present your problem, we can advise you about protecting your interests.

The other form of sexual harassment involves pressure by a person in authority over you to grant sexual favors or tolerate unwanted touching, fondling or advances. Because it is generally understood that sex will be exchanged for favorable treatment at work, from being hired to keeping your job, this is known as quid pro quo sexual harassment from the Latin phrase meaning “this for that.”

Advocating For You In All Aspects Of Your Case

Our lawyers know how to investigate, present and prove charges of workplace sexual harassment of either variety. Because of the sensitivity of the facts that harassment cases typically involve, we can explain a broad range of options best suited to resolving your problem on terms that are best for you.

In some cases that do not arise very often, we can even advise you about the law of constructive discharge. This is an extreme employment law remedy that allows a person working under plainly intolerable conditions to declare that his or her employer has in effect terminated employment by allowing the working environment to deteriorate so badly. Before you quit and claim that you were fired under a constructive discharge theory, however, be sure to consult with a good lawyer. This is a very difficult claim to prove.

Maryland employment law attorney Linda Hitt Thatcher has more than 30 years of experience with the investigation and proof of complex employment law claims in metro Washington on both sides of the Potomac. She also advises employers about the most effective ways of preventing, investigating and resolving sexual harassment problems.

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Our firm’s approach to sexual harassment in the workplace is always based on the client’s individual circumstances, not a one-size-fits-all solution that seems to work often enough. For highly individualized advice and representation in any sexual harassment situation at work, contact Thatcher Law Firm in Greenbelt. Do not hesitate to call us at 301-850-1246. We have successfully represented clients in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.