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A Legal Ally For Education Matters

Thatcher Law Firm represents students, teachers, professors, and academic administrators alike, in all variety of education and employment issues. Our firm has extensive experience negotiating with public and private school systems (K through 12) as well as large universities. Having represented a large school system for many years, Thatcher Law Firm maintains an intimate knowledge of internal procedures and policies of higher education institutions to ensure your rights are protected.

We help clients resolve various issues that arise in an academic setting, including, but not limited to:

  1. Student Testing Accommodations;
  2. Academic or behavioral disciplinary issues;
  3. Special education needs, reasonable accommodations or disability rights protection;
  4. Civil rights;
  5. Sex harassment, sex misconduct;
  6. Discrimination;
  7. Violence; and
  8. Contractual issues.

Additionally, our attorneys have expertise in Title IX, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at educational institutions that receive federal funds. This includes both public schools from elementary through college-level institutions and private universities that receive federal money. We leverage our experience in the inner workings of academia to advocate and protect our clients with Title IX claims.

Our clients have often invested significant sums to further their education or careers in academia. We help protect that investment. Whether you are a student being subjected to unlawful harassment, yourself facing proposed discipline/removal, or a professor with an employment or contractual issue, Thatcher Law Firm is available to help.

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