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In addition to representing employees in workplace rights litigation in Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., the lawyers at Thatcher Zavaro & Mani also represent persons with claims that arise under Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That provision of the act prohibits discrimination in public accommodations with a connection to interstate commerce. If you believe that you have a Title II civil rights claim, contact our office in Greenbelt, Maryland, for an assessment of your case. Examples of the kinds of claims that would fall under Title II of the Civil Rights Act are the following:

  • Refusal of admission to a hospital or clinic on the basis of race or religion
  • Unequal treatment at a theater, stadium, arena or another spectator venue
  • Refusal of service at a restaurant
  • Ineligibility for membership or equal treatment at certain country clubs, golf clubs or similar institutions on the basis of race or gender
  • Disparate treatment at a hotel, motel or private campground serving the public

Maryland civil rights attorney Linda Hitt Thatcher received widespread media coverage for her success in bringing a sex discrimination lawsuit against an elite Maryland country club for its unfair treatment of women golfers some years ago. She has a long record of spirited advocacy on behalf of all historically disadvantaged groups defined by race, sex or religion, and she still maintains the same passion for fairness in her work on behalf of her clients every day.

As a certified mediator, Ms. Thatcher can also serve fairly and effectively as a neutral mediator.

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