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April 2014 Archives

Wage theft responsible for more losses than robberies

A recent report has found that wage theft against low-wage workers totals about $280 million for 2012, which is double the amount that is stolen through robberies on the street, bank robberies, and gas station and convenience store robberies. Yet for most of us we don’t think about unpaid or underpaid overtime as theft in the same way we would if someone stopped us on the street and took our money.

Chef suing for FMLA violations

A prominent chef who was once featured on a Food Network cooking competition show is being sued for alleged violations of the Family Medical Leave Act by a former chef at one of his restaurants. The man who filed the lawsuit says that when his wife suffered from a sudden stroke and he needed time off, his boss took a variety of actions that violated the man’s right under the Family Medical Leave Act to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave without losing his job.

Executive order advances pay equality

An executive order signed by the president this week is seen as a big step in the direction of pay equality for women and minorities. The order puts new requirements on government contractors to disclose pay data with race and gender denoted and to prohibit retaliation against employees who discuss their pay with colleagues. Both of these measures are aimed at greater transparency which experts say will incentivize companies to create better policies that eliminate the disparity between white men and women and minorities. Currently women make only 77 cents for every one dollar that men make, with an even wider gap for women of color who make only 54-64 cents on the dollar.

Managers at fast food chain support wage theft allegations

Managers from locations of the global fast food restaurant McDonald’s told a worker’s advocacy group that on many occasions they intentionally stole wages from employees. Their statements are adding fuel to the fire that is the current conflict between corporate headquarters and employees of the many thousands of McDonald’s locations across the country. Workers for the franchise say that wages are too low and that the company encourages practices by management that results in wage theft.

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