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Successful business operations require agreements with clearly stated terms and well-managed professional relationships with employees. If private or government contracts are breached or employment disputes arise, your company's operations may come to a sudden halt if the problems are not dealt with promptly, sharply and efficiently.

Protect your company's assets and operations by consulting experienced commercial litigation attorneys to help you resolve any business disputes — whether you operate a commercial enterprise, a nonprofit, a school district or a faith-based organization.

At the Thatcher Law Firm, our full-service business law services include competent and protective advocacy in commercial litigation and administrative disputes with government agencies regarding substantive or procedural issues.

We serve as trial counsel in commercial litigation involving a broad array of business lawsuits:

  • Employment matters, including workers' compensation disputes, severance package disputes, discrimination claims, wage and hour lawsuits and wrongful termination cases
  • Breaches of business contracts, including franchise agreements, distributorship contracts and vendor agreements
  • Business fraud or financial crimes
  • Injury and accident negligence claims
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Professional malpractice claims
  • Other claims of corporate liability
  • Administrative proceedings and defense against charges of government contract fraud

The Thatcher Law Firm, has built a reputation as an incisive, reliable law firm where small and mid-sized businesses can obtain high-quality trial counsel that respects their bottom lines.

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