Maryland-Washington, D.C., White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers

Acquittal is not a dirty word. Too often, defense attorneys advise clients to make a deal with the prosecution before learning what the evidence is. Attorney Wayne B. Wiseman believes that the decision to hire his services along with those of our team at the Thatcher Law Firm is a decision to at a minimum push the prosecution to establish that they have a case before considering a plea bargain.

We don't rely on what the prosecution turns over; we utilize our network of experienced investigators to dig up what the government does not want us to know. The result is that our clients are fully informed before making the life-changing decision to accept a plea or go to trial. If you decide to go to trial, you will have the confidence of knowing that you will be represented by an attorney who has tried well in excess of 100 criminal jury trials to verdict—the vast majority of which were resolved successfully.

Advocating For Your Rights

At the Thatcher Law Firm, while the decision is always yours, we will honestly assess your chances no matter the circumstances. You are our only client and sole concern—not the prosecutor, the judge or the press—we do what is right for you. The firm is honest with clients, whether it involves legal fees or what you can expect as an outcome of your case. We listen to clients and respect their wishes and needs. We recognize how devastating it is when you are charged with a crime, and make every effort to quickly establish control of your case, whether that involves moving expeditiously to obtain reasonable bail or immediately establishing rapport and communication with the prosecution.

You deserve to know exactly what is going on with your case, and we make every effort to keep you fully informed. While our experienced attorneys will advise you on what we believe is the best course of action, the final decision is yours to make, and we will not only honor your decision, but also respect it.

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We Can Assist You With The Following Criminal Defense Areas:

  • Federal And State Investigations

    • Securities and Exchange Commission and Other Federal Regulatory Commissions
    • Federal and State Employee Investigations
    • Investigations of Government Contractors
    • Grand Jury Investigations
    • State Regulatory Commissions
    • White Collar Investigations
  • Federal Criminal Defense (District Courts of Maryland, the District of Columbia and New York)

    • Asset forfeiture defense—National and International
    • Bankruptcy fraud
    • Commodities violations
    • Drug crimes
    • Embezzlement
    • Export control violations
    • Fraud crimes, including mortgage fraud
    • Health care fraud
    • Immigration fraud
    • Internet crimes and child pornography
    • Money laundering and banking crimes
    • Securities crimes and violations
    • Tax fraud and violations
  • State Criminal Defense in All Areas of the State Courts of Maryland, the District of Columbia and New York, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Confidence scams
    • Driving under the influence
    • Gambling
    • Homicide
    • Loan sharking
    • Narcotics cases
    • Prostitution
    • Robbery and burglary
    • Sex crimes
  • Federal and State Court Appeals and Habeas Relief

Maryland-Washington, D.C., Criminal Defense Lawyer Wayne Wiseman, Esq.

Mr. Wiseman has worked both sides of the street in criminal law, and along the way, he has developed valuable relationships from Washington, D.C., to New York City and beyond. As a prosecutor in New York City, he tried to verdict in excess of 30 jury trials, and continues to maintain a successful criminal practice in Manhattan. He prosecuted the city's most dangerous and violent career criminals, including organized crime figures, while running investigations into sensitive matters such as the discharge by police officers of their firearms resulting in death and serious injury. Following four highly successful years as an Assistant District Attorney, where Wayne achieved the highest conviction rate after trial of anyone in the office, he formed the highly successful boutique Park Avenue law firm of Wiseman, Hoffmann & Walzer.

He drew on his earlier professional skills as an accountant to broaden his criminal practice to the representation of white collar defendants accused of violations from tax fraud to securities fraud. In the white collar arena, his clients included stock brokers, mortgage brokers, government employees and others charged with serious financial crimes. For over 25 years, Wayne has successfully defended clients in the federal and state courts of New York at the trial and appellate levels. In particular, his success, which included an acquittal rate north of 75 percent, in matters ranging from notorious murder cases and kingpin narcotics prosecutions to multimillion-dollar embezzlement schemes, was responsible for his retention to handle a variety of cases outside of New York, stretching from Texas to North Carolina.

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