Criminal Defense

A highly experienced criminal defense practice where we hold client communications in the strictest confidentiality — these are some of the defining characteristics of the criminal defense practice of the Thatcher Law Firm.

Our criminal defense practice is led by a faculty member of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Wayne B. Wiseman, who is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Every criminal defense client of our firm works directly with Mr. Wiseman, which offers a degree of security that can be difficult to find for individuals facing serious criminal charges.

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We have the resources to represent any person charged with any type of crime. Clients of the firm include high-level executives under investigation for financial crimes or regulatory violations and drivers charged with DUIs or individuals facing charges relating to drug possession or distribution. Mr. Wiseman has the proven track record to take charge of serious criminal cases involving violent crimes or major financial felonies such as money laundering. Mr. Wiseman also handles criminal appeals and post-conviction work.

Under Investigation? Already Charged With Criminal Activity? Seek Legal Counsel Early.

Your right to a criminal defense lawyer does not begin only after an arrest. If you are under investigation by state or federal law enforcement, or by a government regulatory body, you have the best chance of protecting your constitutional rights — and your freedom — by enlisting the aid of a smart and strategic criminal defense attorney as early as possible.

This is true in most areas of criminal law. It is especially true for financial controllers or other high-level executives who see signs of an impending criminal investigation into their actions in their roles as executive employees. It is also true in the arena of drug crimes, especially major operations like manufacturing, trafficking or distributing.

Criminal Defense Services From An Experienced Attorney
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At the Thatcher Law Firm, we place a high premium on maintaining the privacy of our criminal defense clients. Learn more about how we can put our high-level skills to work on your behalf. Contact the Thatcher Law Firm to make an appointment. Call 301-850-1246.