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Maryland restaurant owner sued for sexually harassing employees

Recent news reports have suggested that there has been an uptick in teenagers suffering from sexual harassment on the job. Some say that teenagers often fall victim to sexual harassment, in part, because they are less likely to be aware of their employment rights than adults, and they also may not know how to report harassment. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit Wednesday against a restaurant company here in Maryland for reportedly harassing a number of female employees, some of them teenagers.

Sexual harassment lawsuit against Hyattsville police is settled

Residents of the Greenbelt, Maryland, area may recall that about six months ago a former Hyattsville police officer filed a sexual harassment lawsuit accusing the police department of systemic sexual harassment. The lawsuit included allegations of sexual assault committed by a ranking officer, as well as a sexually hostile environment within the department. The former officer also charged that she was retaliated against when she complained to her supervisors about the harassment, culminating in her termination.

U.S. Supreme court takes up important sexual harassment question

Victims of sexual harassment can often obtain compensation from their employers under Maryland state law or federal law. Whether the harasser was a supervisor or a co-worker, however, can greatly affect the process and outcome of these cases.

Court tells harassment plaintiffs to turn in cellphones, passwords

We have previously discussed the employment law issues surrounding employers here in Maryland who use Facebook to evaluate job candidates or check up on existing employees. While many states have addressed this privacy issue, some of them outlawing the practice, Facebook and other electronic communications of employees are turning up in another area of employment law--litigation.

On Capitol Hill, high number of employee complaints

There are certain lines of work where people can expect to encounter a fast pace, pressure and a lot of stress. Medicine is one of these areas, as is law enforcement and military service, for example. Another field that can be a confrontational place to work is politics and a recent news report suggests that Capitol Hill is becoming a more and more hostile work environment.

Virginia healthcare center faces sexual harassment lawsuit

Sexual harassment cases do not always stem from a supervisor harassing an employee. Sometimes, a worker is being harassed by a co-worker, and his or her supervisor is doing little to stop it. In other cases, a worker might even experience sexual harassment from someone who is not a part of the place of employment--such as a customer, client or patient that is within the workplace. In these cases, the supervisor or employer is still obligated by law to take actions to stop the sexual harassment once alerted.

Former D.C. lifeguard awarded $3.5 M in sexual harassment suit

Sexual harassment simply has no place in today's workplace. It is illegal under federal employment law, yet still it continues to happen. Last month, a jury in Washington, D.C., made a very unusual request in an attempt to stop employers from harboring sexual harassment.

Virginia's Family Dollar settles sexual harassment suit

In the United States, employees are protected from sexual harassment in the workplace by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. However, while sexual harassment is strictly prohibited, many metro Washington, D.C., residents know that it does still happen.

Are temps protected from discrimination and sexual harassment?

State and federal laws dictate that employees may not be treated unfairly on the basis of their race, sex, age, disability or religion in the workplace. Those who experience workplace discrimination on the basis of these, or other protected classifications, have the right to file a legal claim to seek justice.

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