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U.S. House votes to provide itself sexual harassment training

The U.S. Congress typically votes on laws proposed to protect ordinary citizens, but sometimes Congress votes on measures intended to protect congressional employees from members of Congress. That was apparently the case in a recent House vote to fund an expansion of sexual harassment training for representatives and their staffers.

Unpaid interns lack employee protections

At this time of year, many high school, college, and graduate students are looking to make plans for the summer. Many are looking for internships so that they can gain experience at an entry level to prepare them for the job market once they graduate. Internships can be incredibly helpful experience, offering mentorship and training in exchange for free or low cost labor. However, recently internships have been getting attention in the media for other reasons, particularly the legal status of interns and their rights as something other than an employee.

Bank settles harassment class action suit

Financial institution JPMorgan Chase & Co has entered into a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit brought by a group of women who worked at a call center for their mortgage banking division. The women said that the work environment at the call center was hostile and sexist and that they were exposed to sexually charged behavior and inappropriate comments from supervisors. They also said that they were shunned socially and excluded from the opportunity to take potentially lucrative sales calls if they spoke out against the bad behavior or did not participate.

Suit claims boss made employee sign agreement on harassment

A recently filed gender discrimination lawsuit alleges that a woman’s boss forced her to sign an agreement that falsely stated that she participated willingly in inappropriate office conduct and that her boss conducted an investigation that did not actually take place.

Professor says school retaliated for his report of harassment

A professor at a law school has filed a suit against his former employer after what he says was a string of retaliatory actions that took place when he reported seeing some questionable behavior at an event. Specifically the professor witnessed the dean of the law school touch the back of a female assistant dean, an act which both the professor and his wife described as “creepy” and “unnerving”. There was one other report of the same dean making comments that made a female staff member uncomfortable as well.

Unpaid interns vulnerable to sexual harassment

In recent years, as the state of the economy has slowly improved, the lack of wage and employment protections afforded to unpaid interns has garnered a great deal of media attention. Unfortunately, this is only part of the story. In some cases, unpaid interns may find that they lack legal recourse after experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Transgender woman settles harassment suit

A transgender woman based out of Maryland recently settled a lawsuit regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that the woman was subjected to physical and verbal harassment at her job with a federal contractor for the two years she was employed there.

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