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Posts tagged "wrongful termination"

Tesla Whistleblower Files Federal Retaliatory Termination Suit

A former Tesla employee has filed a federal lawsuit claiming, among other things, that he was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle. He reported incidents of theft, improper surveillance, improper contract awards and even drug trafficking, which he alleges took place at Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada.

In which situations might I need a Maryland employment law attorney?

You have just been fired. You are angry. Your former boss was dismissive, curt and impolite during the meeting about termination of your employment. It can make a person wonder if this is a situation in which you might need a Maryland employment law attorney.

President signs whistle-blower protection bill

When employees report the illegal or fraudulent activities of their employers, they are protected by law from being retaliated against at work. This generally means that the employee, the whistle-blower, cannot be fired or subjected to a discriminatory or hostile work environment due to the complaint. However, whistle-blowers are often retaliated against and in these cases they can seek legal recourse, including compensation for their losses as well as job reinstatement.

Nicollette Sheridan may file contract dispute under another law

Here in Maryland, fans of the television show "Desperate Housewives" may be following the legal drama of one of its former stars now that the show no longer on the air. However, even those that do not miss the show, and are not interested in entertainment news, may be able to learn something from Nicollette Sheridan's employment contract dispute.

Former D.C. lifeguard awarded $3.5 M in sexual harassment suit

Sexual harassment simply has no place in today's workplace. It is illegal under federal employment law, yet still it continues to happen. Last month, a jury in Washington, D.C., made a very unusual request in an attempt to stop employers from harboring sexual harassment.

Demoted D.C. policeman files whistleblower lawsuit

In Maryland, the D.C. area and throughout the U.S., employers may not fire workers in retaliation for taking advantage of state or federal laws, or for protecting their rights in the workplace. This means an employer cannot fire an employee who is cooperating with an investigation by licensed authorities or one who supports a co-worker's sexual harassment complaint or has reported illegal practices of the company.

Lawsuit: Wet Seal wants blond, white managers in Maryland stores

After an executive of clothing retailer Wet Seal visited several stores in Maryland and Philadelphia in 2009, the executive emailed subordinates that the stores lacked diversity. Specifically, the email stated the stores had too many black employees.

Labor official: Employers must rein in social media policies

Last month in our Greenbelt Employment Law Blog, we discussed the termination of a retail CFO who was fired for allegedly posting company information on a social media website. More details of that case have now been revealed. It appears that accessories retailer Francesca's may have fired the CFO after he suggested to investors--via his Twitter account--a forthcoming positive earnings report.

CFO fired for posting company information on social media site

Social media use has become a frequent theme in our Greenbelt Employment Law Blog. On Monday, the chief financial officer of a growing accessories and apparel retailer was fired after he allegedly posted company information on a social media site.

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