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Walmart Sues Senior Executive Over New Job, Noncompete Agreement

Thatcher logo.jpgWhen employees believe they aren't bound by noncompete agreements, employers often receive little warning when those agreements are about to be violated. Most employees don't disclose to their employers when they are job hunting, and they may accept new positions without realizing, or having decided there should not be, an issue.

Is it a good idea to track or respond to a fired employee's social media?

Terminating an employee is never easy, even when it is an employer's only reasonable option. Making matters more complicated is the fact that a fired employee has many avenues on social media to make negative comments about his or her former employer. Employers are justifiably concerned about damage to its brand. The question becomes, how far can or should an employer go to protect its reputation online?

Uber will pay up to $100 million to settle driver class action lawsuit involving independent contractors

Uber, the online ride-sharing company, has become a major player in the transportation industry in recent years. Uber relies on hundreds of thousands of drivers to transport passengers. These drivers are classified as independent contractors, and not as employees. This classification is a major benefit to Uber, as it allows the company to avoid paying drivers overtime and other benefits. This classification also prevents Uber drivers from requesting reimbursements from the company for gas, automobile depreciation and other expenses.

The process of valuing an employment dispute

When you take a vehicle to a Washington D.C. area car dealer and ask for a valuation, you expect tires to be kicked and mileage to be examined, among other things. A similar kind of evaluation takes place when you go into an employment law attorney’s office to discuss a potential claim against an employer.

Retaliation claims soar in Maryland, Washington D.C.

Regular readers might well recall that we not long ago wrote about the kinds of discrimination workers are protected from in Maryland. We noted that workers can’t be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, age, religion and sexual orientation, among other things.

In which situations might I need a Maryland employment law attorney?

You have just been fired. You are angry. Your former boss was dismissive, curt and impolite during the meeting about termination of your employment. It can make a person wonder if this is a situation in which you might need a Maryland employment law attorney.

Maryland pregnancy case surfaces in EEOC guidelines

Regular readers will recall that our most recent post was about a female Maryland delivery driver who is to have her claims against an employer heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in Young v. United Parcel Service. She was a part-time driver who became pregnant and then had her request for accommodations rejected by the company. She had given supervisors a doctor’s note saying that she should not lift more than 20 pounds; all UPS drivers are required to be able to lift 70 pounds.

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