We are so grateful that we retained Thatcher Law Firm to help us. Amazing and talented team of lawyers and paralegals who truly cared about our case. Linda Thatcher, Wayne Wiseman, Lindsay Freedman and the whole Thatcher Law Firm team believed in our case and worked so hard to make sure that we got a great result. Thank you Thatcher Law Firm!


As a woman executive with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, I am a discerning customer. Retaining Thatcher Law Firm was a wise decision. As soon as I called Thatcher Law Firm, my search for an attorney was over—I knew I had found the best. I am eternally grateful to Linda Thatcher. Linda’s legal acumen, years of experience, and deep understanding of human nature combine to make her an effective advocate. She is equal parts grit and compassion, a great listener who cuts to the heart of the matter, and she was ALWAYS available to me. I highly recommend Thatcher Law Firm for anyone who needs guidance, advice, or representation by an employment lawyer.


Lindsay, Linda and the entire Thatcher team are remarkable. They helped me navigate an extremely challenging employment situation with a resolution that far exceeded my expectations. Throughout the process they were straight forward, transparent and compassionate. They worked to fully understand all details of the case and were extremely responsive to all questions and concerns 24/7. They pursued this negotiation as if it were their own and delivered exceptional results. I recommend this team wholeheartedly!


Deep gratitude for their ability to truly be creative in solving intricate situations and making you feel confident that they have things under control in resolving tricky matters. They really care and go the extra mile. I went to 3 other top law firms and they all referred me to Thatcher to get the job done. BRAVO Thatcher, you guys rock!!!


We highly recommend Thatcher Law Firm for anyone seeking an employment lawyer, especially if you own a business. As small business owners, we appreciate their knowledge and expertise. They are highly accomplished and skilled attorneys who really care about their clients. Lindsay always provides us with straightforward and honest answers and keeps us informed about every development along the way. He successfully handled two cases for us-one case he settled favorably, and the other case he got dismissed. We were happy with both outcomes and we will definitely call them again if we ever need legal advice or representation.


I am so thankful to have found the Thatcher law firm. Linda did an outstanding job, and I fear the outcome would have been much different if not for her expertise and caring. I would highly recommend the Thatcher Law firm to anyone dealing with employment issues.


I have worked with the Thatcher Law Firm on several occasions, and each time I have been very pleased. They are very prepared and organized, with a process (intake, billing, rates) that they explain to you prior to taking you on as a client. In my experience, other firms are not this transparent upfront, so their approach is refreshing. The consultations are professional and informative, and you will not feel pressured. They will advise and allow you to decide how to act. I came across the firm doing an internet search and they stood out from the rest with endorsements from the Washingtonian as a top firm. I would recommend their services to any person looking for legal consultation.


Thank you for listening and helping me present my side of story.


"Linda Thatcher is a legal genius. If you need an employment attorney, she is one of the best in the state. From the moment you walk into her warm and welcoming office, you feel a part of her family. Highly recommend Linda!!"


"Dear Linda, I want to first 'Thank you' for believing in me and accepting my case. For seeing me through one of the most difficult times in my life and always willing to go the extra mile to keep me informed. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the whole process.

I would also take this opportunity to acknowledge your Litigation Team: Wayne Wiseman and Lindsay Freedman were Outstanding. They worked very well together, were very professional, and I truly appreciated their straight forward approach and comprehensive knowledge of the law.

You are truly a Blessing and I cannot 'Thank you' enough for successfully getting me through this difficult situation."


My family is so thankful to Linda Thatcher and Thatcher Law Firm. The Thatcher Law team guided us through a very difficult time in our lives. Linda and her associates are outstanding, smart lawyers who care deeply about us. We put our trust in Linda to fight for us and guide us. Linda is great at getting to the bottom line in a hard situation. She spent extra time getting to know us and understanding who we are and what is important to us. She thoroughly investigated the facts of our case so it would be strong. Linda helped us get justice for a terrible wrong, and to move forward in our lives. She understood the awful stress that we were going through, so she always made sure we understood what was happening with the case every step of the way. She is compassionate and caring, but very tough and she fought hard for us. We would recommend Thatcher Law Firm to anyone who needs an employment discrimination attorney.


Linda is - quite literally - the best in the business. If you're looking for the very best to fight for you - no matter how complicated the issue might be, Linda and her team are the only option. Candidly, their paid services are worth well beyond the fees charged.


Linda and team were fantastic from start to finish. Excellent counsel and guidance. Always responsive.


Attorney Linda Thatcher is mover and a shaker. The atmosphere in her office is very welcoming and I was at ease. I appreciate her input and knowledge relative to my situation.

Thank you Linda

Linda and Lindsay came to me in my darkest hour and I can't thank them enough. My case recently got resolved with a favorable outcome and it was, admittedly, a very challenging case. Without going into much detail, it was the kind of case where the chances of getting a good outcome were negligible. Linda and her team are competent, sharp, tough, effective, and always know the right decision to make. A special thanks to Lindsay who was representing me.

It was such a difficult case right at the outset that most lawyers would not see much potential in it. Indeed, I was rejected from several such firms where I was not given the time of day, even for consultations! But Linda saw something in me as a person, not as a case. And that is what you come and feel at Thatcher law firm. There is a sense of family. To me personally, Linda and Lindsay fighting for me was not so different as if it were another mother and an older brother supporting me and fighting for me. But with a ton of legal weaponry.

There is not even a shred of doubt for me to recommend Thatcher Law Firm.


I had an excellent experience with Ms. Thatcher and other members of her firm from the very first visit. She was responsive both via phone and email and had expertise advise for my situation. Her direct approach worked well for me. I would highly recommend this firm.


Great law firm. Their website and social media presence are organized well and give constant, current, informative information about employment law in an array of areas.


Very happy and pleased that I was referred to this firm. Experienced and knew exactly what to do and how to assist me. I definitely would recommend calling them.


A law firm with a deep heart to support you and very creative problem solving strategies to your predicament. Several top lawyers from around the beltway referred me to Linda Thatcher becuase of their ability to resolve difficult situations and best situatued to help my situation and they sure did.

Great firm; cannot recommend them enough. Personalized service where they get to know you and your issue.


Linda is a great employment litigator! She cuts through all the BS and gets to the bottom line!


Exceptional knowledge and honesty, simply the best. they care. Thank you


I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Thatcher Law Firm. The last 4 months have been the most stressful of my life, but knowing that Linda was working for me gave me the piece of mind I needed to get through this excruciating time. Linda is tough as nails and my trust in her and Lindsay never wavered because of the confidence they exude. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for believing in me. Thatcher law firm is absolutely outstanding!


Linda and the team of associates at Thatcher Law Firm are Extraordinary! Difficult experiences in life can catch a person completely off guard. Seeking legal intervention to resolve an issue was certainly not something that I was prepared for. It was a very personal and difficult decision for me to even ask for counsel in my time of need but I'm glad that I did. From the very first meeting I had with Linda, I knew she was someone that I could trust. She and her team always made me feel comfortable, offering me support throughout the entire process, especially in those difficult moments. They fought for me and my case, and ultimately, they delivered resolution. I am so grateful to everyone who was involved. Choosing Thatcher Law Firm to represent me was the best decision I could have made.


We have a small company and we were sued by a former employee. We called and scheduled an appointment with Thatcher law firm office. Lindsay Freedman took care of our case with collaboration of Linda Thatcher. He was more than understanding to our situation and he worked with our best interest at heart. he brought us the results we wanted and I highly recommend Lindsay Freedman and Linda Thatcher and their office.


"What can I say? I found the best law firm to represent our small business. The Thatcher Law Firm helped us get through what seemed like a tough time. However, Linda and Lindsay made the process easy and quick. Lindsay was very effective and explained every part of the process. He tried to achieve the best results and looked out for us in every aspect. We are greatly appreciative of the Thatcher Law Firm, and recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy and effective firm. Everyone was so kind! Thank you so much!"


My sister was recently represented by attorney Thatcher. I am an Ohio attorney so naturally my sister kept me informed of attorney Thatcher's preparation and management of her case. I knew as she told told me of the details of her representation that she was in excellent hands and indeed she was. Without going into detail to protect the identities of all parties involved and mainly my sister, attorney Thatcher helped her with an employment issue that affects many working women. Pay equality, retaliatory and biased practices when fairness and respectfully is sought, and undermining an employee's record of excellence to justify wrongful practices. This type of treatment negatively affects the work place and demeans the hard work and efforts of all working women and men alike. Attorney Thatcher fought this fight for my sister and in doing so,successfully fought it for all of us working women who are entitled to be treated equally in the workplace. Thanks to Attorney Thatcher for a job well done!


The Thatcher Law Firm is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of employment law. The firm has great people from the receptionist to the the top attorney, Linda Thatcher. They are always willing to help and responsive to my needs. I highly recommend this firm if you need assistance in the employment law area.


"What can I say? I found the best law firm to represent our small business. The Thatcher Law Firm helped us get through what seemed like a tough time. However, Linda and Lindsay made the process easy and quick. Lindsay was very effective and explained every part of the process. He tried to achieve the best results and looked out for us in every aspect. We are greatly appreciative of the Thatcher Law Firm, and recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy and effective firm. Everyone was so kind! Thank you so much!"


"Linda Hitt Thatcher is very knowledgeable and informative. She gave very good advice."


"I highly recommend the Thatcher Law Firm to anyone seeking employment legal services. From the beginning, Linda Thatcher and her office staff demonstrated the utmost professionalism during my case. Linda Thatcher and Lindsay Freedman quickly responded to any and all questions that I may have had, even if that meant speaking with me after regular business hours. Ms. Thatcher made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and treated me more like family than a client. I truly felt that Ms. Thatcher treated my case personally, and showed absolute determination and dedication throughout. I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort spent. Linda Thatcher and her entire staff are great people who do great work."