School Law

Our firm recognizes the needs of school officials to obtain competent legal advice on a broad range of issues. Our firm provides creative, timely and cost-efficient legal strategies that balance the needs of students, parents, employees and citizens against the interest of keeping a school district on solid legal footing.

Our firm has represented and continues to represent school districts in Maryland and several other states on particular matters in state and federal courts as well as administrative proceedings. With decades of experience in school law, we bring knowledge of the most recent developments in this area of practice with an historical perspective to address many diverse and complex issues including:

School Board Matters:

  • School Governance/Policies
  • Election Issues
  • Ethics, Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest
  • Student, Employee and Other Appeals
  • Procurement
  • School Construction/Real Estate

Student Issues:

  • Student Discipline and Expulsion
  • School Violence and Safety
  • Special Education

Employee Issues:

  • Discipline/Discharge
  • Labor Relations
  • Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation
  • Workers' Compensation

The extensive breadth of experience gives us the ability to capably and confidently help our school system clients with many different issues over a wide range of areas.