Title VII: Sex, race, national origin, and religious discrimination

If you believe that your employer has fired, demoted or treated you unfairly in other ways, you might have a claim for employment discrimination. From a legal perspective, the essential question becomes: why were you treated unfairly? If discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion or other protected classification seems to be the most likely explanation, the job discrimination lawyers at Thatcher Law Firm would like to hear from you. Contact one of our employment law attorneys in Greenbelt, Maryland, for a consultation about your legal rights and options for further action and hopeful resolution.

One harsh reality of the American workplace is that employees receive very little protection from unfavorable treatment by their employers. Unless you have a written contract or union protection to the contrary, most workers can be demoted, reassigned, passed over for promotion, or even fired for good reasons, bad reasons, or hardly any reason at all. In fact, most workers can be fired for no reason whatsoever, just as you can decide to resign whenever you want.

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination on the basis of prohibited racial, gender or other grounds, however, represents an important exception to the employer's discretion in terminating employees. Both state and federal law protect workers from unfavorable treatment on the following basis:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Family status or marital status (Maryland, effective Oct. 2007)
  • Sexual orientation (Washington, D.C., and Maryland)

While it's hard to imagine any 21st century company actually admitting that it fired one of its workers because she is a woman or he is an African-American, discrimination still plays an important if unacknowledged role in termination and promotion decisions, downsizing and outsourcing strategies, and even in the approach a company might take to the investigation of sexual harassment or workplace violence complaints.

The employment law attorneys at Thatcher Law Firm have the experience and practical understanding of discrimination claims against small businesses, major corporations and government agencies that can make a crucial difference in the development, investigation and proof of your claim. Because we only handle a few cases at a time, every client benefits from our close attention and involvement with you and the facts of your case. We know how to look through and beyond an employer's excuses for treating an employee illegally, and how to prove your damages in the maximum amount available under the law.

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