FMLA Claims

Pregnancy Leave, Disability Leave, and FMLA Claims

Not all employers realize that employees have rights to leave under both state and federal law under certain circumstances generally related to the health or medical condition of the employee or a member of the employee's family. If you believe that your employer is unlawfully denying your right to leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or similar Maryland, D.C., and Virginia laws, contact an experienced employment law attorney at the Thatcher Law Firm in Greenbelt for a thorough review and candid appraisal of your claims.

We represent clients at both ends of the family leave process - those employees whose companies are making it unnecessarily difficult or impossible to take advantage of protected leave rights, and workers who encounter retaliation or discrimination by an employer following a period of pregnancy leave, disability leave or other right covered under the FMLA. We can advise you about the extent of your rights and the viability of your claims related to any of the following:

  • Pregnancy, maternity, or paternity leave
  • Parenting time pending or following adoption of a child
  • Time off for surgery, organ transplant, cancer treatment, or other intensive medical procedures that require ongoing care or a period of convalescence
  • Leave to care for a child, spouse or parent whose medical or convalescent needs require your attention
  • Disability benefits
  • Discrimination or retaliation after you've been cleared for work following a period of disability under Virginia or Maryland workers' compensation

Not only does managing partner Linda Hitt Thatcher bring 20 years of focused employment law experience to the resolution of FMLA and other disability claims, her associates are rapidly developing a reputation as knowledgeable and highly skilled advocates in the challenging area of health and disability rights in the workplace.

Just as much as our focus on employment law gives our clients an advantage with respect to the full range of workplace rights issues, our carefully limited caseload helps ensure that your situation receives our full attention and the benefit of our proven experience. Clients of the Thatcher Law Firm never have to wait to hear from our lawyers about the progress or status of their claims. We keep you advised or return your calls as quickly as possible.

For additional information about your rights to medical or disability leave, or any other employment law issue, contact a lawyer at the Thatcher Law Firm in Greenbelt.