Maryland-Washington, D.C., Employment Law Attorneys Representing Employees

At Thatcher Law Firm, Managing Partner Linda Hitt Thatcher, our firm's founder, is renowned for her work on behalf of victims of discrimination and harassment. This well-deserved reputation is the result of Ms. Thatcher's decision to be highly selective-she will not take on any case that lacks significant merit.

Our Maryland-Washington, D.C., employment law attorneys handle all manner of employment-related matters on behalf of employees, including those related to sex harassment, racial discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and more.

With a skilled team of attorneys available to handle your lawsuit, we are in a position to evaluate and develop your case thoroughly. We thoroughly research and document each claim before we file a lawsuit, or even approach your employer with a demand.

Taking Pride In Representing Employees

We are perhaps most proud of having made a concrete difference in helping to fight discrimination in Maryland. Because of the work of Thatcher Law Firm in the courtroom, at golf clubs throughout Maryland women golfers, who were once given only second-class memberships, now have full rights. As Linda Hitt Thatcher said, "Employment law is not merely a profession, it is a calling, and I am dedicated to always fighting as hard as possible for my clients."

Because we know how annoying it is to wait for a return call on an important matter, Rule No. 1 at Thatcher Law Firm is: The Client Comes First. We keep you closely involved with the development and progress of your case, and also make sure that you are fully advised about the different options and decisions that you will need to consider at the various stages of your case.

Maryland-Washington, D.C., Employee Representation Lawyers

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